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CAMD Advisory Committees


CAMD User Committee(CUC) Members(year indicates when term ends at Annual Spring Users' Meeting)


Kerry Dooley, (Chemical Engineering, LSU), X-ray

Gary Findley, CUC Chair, (Chemistry, Univ of Louisiana Monroe), VUV


Les Butler, (Chemistry, LSU), X-ray Microtomography

Donghui Zhang, (Chemistry, LSU), SAXS


Cherice Evans, (Chemistry, Queens College, CUNY), VUV

Jerry Spivey, (Chemical Engineering, LSU), X-ray and VUV

Carol Hirschmugl, (Physics, UW-Milwaukee), IR Imaging

Student Members (2016)

William Donahue, (Physics and Astronomy, LSU), X-ray, Medical Physics

Paul Maggi (Physics and Astronomy, LSU), Accelerators, Medical Physics


Industrial Advisory Committee(IAC) Members

  • Wyndam Cook, Albemarle
  • David Fritze, Horizon Instruments
  • Andrew McCandless, Bascom Hunter
  • John Novak, BASF Catalysts
  • George Pietrogallo, ExxonMobil

Machine Advisory Committee(MAC) Members

  • Chairperson: Glenn A. Decker, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Jeff Corbett, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
  • Gerardo D’Auria, Synchrotron Trieste
  • Richard Heese, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Sam Krinsky, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Christoph Steier, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Scientific Advisory Committee(SAC) Members

  • Chairperson: Harald Ade, Department of Physics, North Carolina State University
  • Gordon Brown, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
  • Tai Chiang, Associate Director MRL, Professor, Physics, Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
  • Gopal K. Shenoy, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Robert Sweet, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Herman Winick, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center